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Welcome to my projects @

My passion is coding for the web and the desktop, so here you will see some of my projects done mostly in python, bash and php. If you find something interesting don't hassitate to fork or comment.

 4 the Desktop

Projects for the desktop use


gtkPyglot is a python desktop tool for software translators giving them an easy and comfortable way to check for existing translations from other projects in launchpad. Currently gtkPylyglot supports the website and google translate. Support for is planned in next releases.

In the latest version a local database with the translations was introduced, generated the why it works on pylyglot, but simplified for the gtkPyglot application. This way searching for translated terms is a lot faster, and can be configured to fit better your needs.


gSharkDown is a desktop application for listening and downloading music from grooveshark. It is based on the library from groove-dl application created by jacktheripper51. gSharkDown tries to be as simple and usefull as possible. The Download option is considered no to be the key in the application. The playlist created from the search results is saved on any exit automatically. Controll with multimedia buttons is also included. The important functions like searching, downloading and playling are threads, so the application doesn't hang when making more searching and downloading at the same time for example.

Pleace consider that in some countries downloading music is illegal, so I can't take legal resposibillity for your actions.


pyBi3 is a simple to use but powerfull GTK application for shortening URLs.
It is a complete rewrite of the original pybi2 (using wxPython) with better support for a lot more shortening engines
This new application features:

  • Shortening URLs with:,,,,,,,,
  • Status icon for a handy using
  • Log for the shorted URLs with a log viewer and an SQLite database
  • Full clipboard support and GNOME integration

BulFeed Reader

BulTux Feed Reader is simple-designed pyGTK application for reading RSS feeds.
Based on webkit the application will give the user the ability to change the look and style of showing the feeds.
At the moment the feed could be changed only in the source code, but configuration dialog and a database are
planned in the near feature. The project was started only for testing the webkit features with Python. But as the
application started to get shape I tought it will be nice to share it with the world, and perhaps others will have
better ideas of extending it and making it more useful.

 4 the Terminal

Projects to use in the terminal is a simple python script for generating strong passwords.
Although it is simple this is only the version 0.1 and there will be more changes soon with better features.
At the moment you can use the application with the following command-line arguments and values:

	-h              --help                  Prints this message
	-v              --version               Prints the version and author information
	-a [number]     --alphanum [number]     Generates an alphanumerical password with lenght [number]
	-x [number]     --hex [number]          Generates hexidecimal password with lenght [number]
	-s [number]     --special [number]      Generates alphanumerical password with special characters and lenght [number]


playcopy is python application for copying the current playing song from a viarus audio players to your clipboard.
The application should be configured in two ways:

	1. You should have a GConf key for global key shortcut that will start the script.
	2. You should change the variable show_not in the source if you want to disable the notifications.
The rest of how you could to that you can read in the INSTALL file, on the website, or just figure it out alone :)

 4 the Web

Projects for the web

 4.. and some Tools

Some tools that you use every day

Praghamultikey is a simple python daemon for controlling Pragha Multimedia Player with
the multimedia keys of your keyboard. The script was born since earlier versions of Pragha
couldn't work with the multimedia keys on my Acer laptop, so instead of clicking everytime
the Next button on the Systry icon, I tought that there should be easier way to do this. uses Dbus to fatch the multimedia kay pressed. The control over the player
is done with a system call to the application.